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Why the Latino Market shouldn’t be ignored

Univision-TVBy now you probably have heard that Univision is the number one TV network in any language for U.S. households.

From NPR article: Univision has topped the ratings before in the summer, but never for this long. For an unprecedented three weeks, it scored with viewers aged 18 to 49. ”These are the audiences that advertisers die for,” says blogger Laura Martinez, who follows Spanish language media.

Hispanic TV and radio shows should be heavily considered when laying out your next media relations campaign on behalf of your company services or products. From a local to a national perspective, the Hispanic market shouldn’t be ignored in the U.S.

Latinos are an interesting segment, as they represent similar beliefs, but many times have different traditions or sayings compared to each other. As in traditional marketing, what works for one particular group doesn’t necessary mean it will work for the other.

This same mindset should be taken for Latino marketing.

Research…Research…Research must be conducted prior to launching your product or services in any particular U.S. market. If you are implementing a product campaign in Miami, Florida and also Los Angeles, California…realize, you should have different strategy and tactics for each one.

Hispanics in the United States of America represent Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Cost Rica, Bolivia, Panama, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay, etc.

Each country is unique in the way they view themselves, foods they eat, expressions, music they enjoy, political and religious beliefs, etc. If you know this information early on, why would you implement the same strategy for each one?

Companies have taken notice that Hispanics are a highly desirable target market – You should do the same in your next integrated marketing campaign.

NPR – In The Summer, Univision Is Numero Uno – Read more:


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