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Why Smartphones should be part of your Social Media strategy

If you are not implementing smartphones in your social media strategy, then you are missing out opportunities on reaching on a captive audience.

Social Times: Nielsen: 44% of Smartphone Owners Visit Social Network Sites

 Source: Nielsen.

Nielsen combed through the reports the firm produced during 2011 in the areas of social, local and mobile and produced an infographic they call:

Infographic: The Most Valuable Digital Consumers

Here’s a summary of Nielsenwire‘s mobile findings:

- 38% of Americans own a smartphone
- 66% of the time on a smartphone is spent using apps
- 35 is the average number of smartphone apps installed
- 27% looked for coupons or deals related to an ad seen on a smartphone or tablet
- 44% of smartphone users visit social network sites

The app usage information provided uses a different metric from the data described above. Note that the data above is based on all smartphone users while the data below appears to be based on smartphone users who have downloaded apps. Thus, while 44% of all smartphone users were found to visit a social network site, 58% of those who downloaded apps visited Facebook alone.

- 58% of people who downloaded apps used the Facebook app
- 39% used the Google Maps app
- 19% used the Google search app
- 18% usee the Twitter app
- 5% used the Yelp app
- 5% used the Foursquare app

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