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Who should be your Social Media voice?

Who should be the person managing your social media platforms on behalf of your company? Your social media voice that reflects the company as a whole…






I compare the social media voice to the company spokesperson. If a situation arises or customer posts a question about a product on one of your social media platforms, then who will answer the consumer right away? Before you turn over the keys to the Ferrari, make sure the driver understands how the machinery works. This also goes for the handling of social media responsibilities on behalf of a company.

Most companies don’t have time for social media and usually pass these duties to the intern or a 10-year employee who understands technology.  How does the business owner come to this conclusion? He or she gets social media, because they have Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, as this person might be suited for the social media duties, but are they ready to speak on behalf of the company? Would you permit them to conduct TV or newspaper interviews? Probably not…

You should take the same approach when designating your social media voice and this person should also have a solid understanding of how the many digital platforms work.

The social media voice must know all of the company’s policies, products and services offered, etc. In truth, the social media voice should know all of the nuts and bolts of the business.  That way they can represent the company to the fullest when a sale or customer service opportunity arises. You might not see a sale at the moment, but in the long run you have won over a potential customer with prompt customer service via social media that will return in the future as a loyal consumer.

A funny take on a Social Media intern:


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