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We knew this was coming….Facebook Timeline for Brands

At the end of this month, Facebook plans to unveil their new Timeline for Brands.  This Facebook Timeline for Brands will begin with testing by select marketers.




Here are a couple of Timeline nuggets from yesterday’s Ad Age article:

Facebook to Release Timeline for Brands this Month.

At the time of the announcement, the company said it would wait to roll out the new feature for brands. Facebook VP-Marketing and Business Partnerships David Fischer said Timeline for brands would be “consistent” with the Timeline look-and-feel, but not a carbon copy.

[I am very happy to hear the news that the Timeline will have its own identity instead of an actual copy of the personal Facebook Timeline]






So what will Timeline for brands look like? For one, the tabs or apps marketers currently host on their Facebook pages to sell products or take polls may turn into boxes on the brand’s Timeline, much like how apps for Spotify or Washington Post Social Reader live on users’ Timelines.

[I see early backlash for the barely visible boxes to sell products or a promoting poll.  How is this going to be beneficial for companies trying to market their products?]

The format change could put the onus on brands to develop their own apps using custom verbs other than “like,” in the same vein as Pinterest, which has a Facebook app that tracks when its users have “pinned” something. Promoting the use and development of “Open Graph” apps, which can have their data tapped for ad targeting, is an area of increased focus for Facebook.

[This is a great opportunity for Developers to create out of the Facebook realm apps and not only rely on the traditional Facebook "like."  I am looking forward to see how marketers can take advantage of these new custom verb apps.]






Timeline has significant implications for Facebook fan-page management. One top consideration is that a brand’s Facebook presence no longer must date to when it joined the site but can be represented with content populating its Timeline from throughout its history. (Coca-Cola, for example, could hypothetically add an event for 1892, the year it was founded.)

[This is wonderful for a company that has history, such as Coca-Cola. But what about a brand that just launched, I will wait and see how the Timeline will benefit those companies]




Facebook is expected to go into detail about the new pages at its first-ever fMC event, a day-long conference in New York on Feb. 29 specifically for marketers.

[I am sure this conference will be streamed LIVE and I will be hooked to my computer device to learn all of the details for the new Facebook Timeline for Brands]

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