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Twitter tools – tips

Knocking your head trying to locate an old Tweet from months ago, ways to pinpoint exact topics on your Twitter news feed, etc.? Here are a couple of solid Twitter tool tips by Inc. to make your social media workload a little simpler.



8 Great Twitter Tools You Aren’t Using – Inc. Technology

If you aren’t getting the results you want from Twitter, the problem might not be Twitter; it might be you. These tools can help.

If you aren’t getting the results you want from Twitter, the problem might not be Twitter.

The problem might be you… or at least the tools you’re not using.

Here are eight apps that can make Twitter a lot more efficient and effective:


Ever wanted to capture tweets from an event or occasion? Twitter’s search only reaches back a few weeks so it’s easy to lose a lot of your great content.

Adding content to a Storify story creates safe, long-term storage. You can also add YouTube videos, images, and text posts and use them to create compelling stories on other social media outlets.


Facebook allows you to easily preview links in your newsfeed, letting you see an image and some text. You can do that in Twitter as well with Embedly, a handy Chrome extension that automatically adds a link preview to tweets.

Then you won’t have to click through to articles based only on a headline, which makes browsing your Twitter stream a lot more efficient.


Twylah is like Twitter for grandmothers. Just get a Twylah page and give it to your grandma; and she won’t need to know about tweets and streams. She’ll immediately understand how it works.

But it’s not just for grandparents. Twylah takes all of your tweets and turns them into a full-fledged blog or branding page, including images and video previews, that anyone can easily browse.


Ifttt connects any two Web services together. (For example, if you take a picture with Instagram you can automatically save it to Dropbox.) The same is true with Twitter. You might:

  • Star an item in Google Reader and automatically Add it as a tweet to your Buffer
  • Publish a new blog post and automatically Publish it as a tweet
  • Favorite someone’s tweet and automatically Retweet it to your followers


Slowly–or not so slowly–becoming overwhelmed by your Twitter stream? Do a little clean-up.

With ManageFlitter you can easily unfollow anyone that hasn’t been active on Twitter for a while. Or you can unfollow someone who posts too frequently.


With so much content available, the trick is to find great content. A Zite account gives you personalized reading recommendations without having to pick people to follow.

Zite’s recommendations also improve over time, since it learns the type of content you spend the most time on. Plus the interface is incredible; check it out for that reason alone.


Tweriod analyzes and makes recommendations for the best times for you to tweet for each day of the week, helping you reach your audience when they are most likely to be active and engaged. (For example, the best time for me to tweet links to new posts are noon and 4 p.m. EST.)

Tweriod not only analyzes the performance of your tweets but also the activity of your followers.

If you’ve ever thought, “I wonder why that tweet got so little response?” now you can know.


You probably know Buffer lets you schedule tweets, ensuring you don’t overwhelm your followers with a flurry of tweets and ensuring important tweets go out when they will make the most impact.

You may not know Buffer also has browser extensions that let you add Web pages to your Buffer queue, automatically scheduling and posting them to Twitter. Buffer also integrates with a number of complimentary iPad and iPhone apps.

If you like Buffer, chances are there are new features and applications you aren’t using.


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