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Imagine a Twitter stream featuring all your relevant Tweets that matter to you at your iPad fingertips…Thirst App is set to do that and much more.





Thirst App Will Change The Way You View Twitter - Mashable Tech

A new iPad application called Thirst might reinvent how you look at your Twitter stream. Using its own natural language processor, Thirst filters, organizes, and presents your Twitter stream in an engaging way, helping you find the tweets you want to read quickly and in context.

“I wanted to make an app that no matter how often you check Twitter, these are the things you need to see, ” Thirst Co-Founder and CEO Anuj Verma told Mashable. The app is designed so it can be useful for people who check Twitter constantly throughout the day, as well as those who might only check Twitter a few times a week.

The News tab in Thirst displays topics you’ve told Thirst you’re interested in. You can follow companies like Apple or Google, sports teams, people, or literally anything else you can think of that gets discussed on your Twitter stream.

As tweets come in, Thirst will sort them based on topic. So, if your friend Bob is talking about Facebook then his avatar will show up under your Facebook topic. If your buddy Dave is chatting about beer, then his avatar would show up under a beer section. The more people who are talking about a topic, the higher up it will appear on the screen and the larger its icon will be.

The language processing is what helps Thirst really shine. The app, for instance, will be able to tell that a friend is talking about Apple the company, not the red delicious they had for lunch.

Tapping on a topic icon in the news tab will not only bring up all of the tweets associated with that topic, but also recent news stories to give you a quick idea on what everyone’s talking about. News stories can be read directly from within Thirst, and can also be shared on Twitter or via email.

A Trending tab within Thirst will do the same thing as the News tab, except focused around the topics that are currently trending on Twitter. Tapping on a trending topic will provide you with news, tweets, and context on why that topic is trending. So, if movie star is currently trending you can tell immediately that their newest role is what’s creating the buzz, or if a state is trending due to a recent storm you can instantly read news stories about the devastation.

You can also send out new tweets from the app and reply to others.

Thirst is currently only available for the iPad. The company plans to release an iPhone version next, and potentially an Android version in the future.

What do you think of Thirst? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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