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The retail App that continues giving…

Who do you trust when it comes to purchases or your most important buying decisions? Your friends of course and Givvy understands this with its social shopping app.





Source: Social Times

Givvy socializes the way that people find gifts online by connecting them with the trusted recommendations from friends and gift curators. “People no longer need to rely on brands, but rather their friends and trusted curators,” said Claudio Miranda, founder & CEO of Givvy.


Facebook users are categorized according to unique personality and interest types. For example, users can search under “foodies” to find gifts that are perfectly suited for friends who are fond of cooking and entertaining with food. The gifts under each category are ranked in order of popularity based on the number of likes, shares and recommendations by the community. Users can also choose to follow gift recommendations by select curators, in the same way that one follows Twitter users to get curated news and information.

As the article says, this app is right in time for the holidays…I’m checking it right now!

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