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What is SOPA? – Why you must be Aware…

Everyone is talking about SOPA and how our Internet privacy will never be the same if Congress has their way.   Below is a wonderful breakdown of SOPA by Mashable and how everyone should be aware that it affects them somehow. Why SOPA Is Dangerous - Mashable: I’m sure you’ve heard by
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Others take to the fight versus SOPA and PIPA

Wikipedia, Reddit and gaming organizations like Major League Gaming join together for a blackout on January 18th to protest SOPA and PIPA. Power to the Internet…. Read more from Business Insider…. Wikipedia Will Go Dark On Wednesday In Protest Of SOPA And PIPA Wikipedia wi
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Week in Social Media/Tech News – Boza’s Scoop – December 23, 2011

Surprise hit Pinterest a top 10 most-trafficked social network – Social Beat:   As Users Rail Against GoDaddy, Unpacking the SOPA Supporter List [VIDEO] – Mashable:     Research: Adults Now Spending More Time On Mobile Than
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