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Google to change the Search Game

Google search to evolve from an educated guessing game to more precise results.                     Google Knowledge Graph Could Change Search Forever - Mashable Click to see full graph example Google has a confession to make: It does not understand you. If you ask it “the 10 deepest
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What is SOPA? – Why you must be Aware…

Everyone is talking about SOPA and how our Internet privacy will never be the same if Congress has their way.   Below is a wonderful breakdown of SOPA by Mashable and how everyone should be aware that it affects them somehow. Why SOPA Is Dangerous - Mashable: I’m sure you’ve heard by
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Fantasy Football and Niche Marketing?

Throughout my Blog, you will see me mention “niche marketing.”  That’s one of the most exciting things about Internet marketing. Whatever product you sell, services you offer, there is an opportunity to meet a particular consumer’s needs.  Everyone can become a
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