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Social Media modern day Word of Mouth

When it comes to business, word of mouth is still one of the strongest forms of referrals out there. This is why social media is thrown in the same arena as word of mouth marketing, as both have similar characteristics.

Here is a simple way of comparing word of mouth marketing to social media marketing:







The Facebook “like.” A friend suggests you “like” their business page or interest. This is similar to the person telling you about his/her friend’s business or suggesting their product to you.









Twitter RT (Retweet). A Twitter post by someone you follow that deserves some RT (retweet) aka repost love for their recent Tweet post that had informative information for you and your followers. A friend or colleague has a business service that is worthy of a recommendation and you forward it to your inner circle of contacts because you acknowledge it has something of value that will benefit their companies.









Article/Post share.  Found a Blog article that is of relevance to your peers and you share it with them via your social networks. You found a solid business lead or a stock that is a must buy and you share with your contacts.

Each example demonstrates the traditional word of mouth marketing of passing information from person to person with an added layer of credibility because of its trusted source.

Once you start viewing traditional world of mouth marketing and off the grid social media marketing as the same or similar at times then you will learn how it can benefit your business.


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