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Pinterest becoming a player in Referral online traffic

Are you still skeptical of Pinterest? Here is another reason to experiment with the new social media outlet that is now driving online traffic comparable to the top performing social media platforms.

Pinterest Continues to Explode — Now Produces More Referral Traffic Than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube Combined - Social Times:

Pinterest, that growing phenomenon is sweeping across the web and ushering in a new era of social networking.  Only a few years ago there was the concept that no new social network could appear because everyone would flock back to Facebook.  Twitter was first dismissed as such, but then became the sole exception.  Pinterest signifies the fact that the web is in the infancy of a complete metamorphosis, where smart use of social technology will allow people to connect in completely unique ways than they ever have.  What proof do I have?  The soaring traffic.

Shareaholic recently blogged about how  Pinterest seems to drive more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.  The chart is below and shows Pinterest responsible for 3.6% of all January referral traffic, which is impressive considering Pinterest had only 0.17% in July of last year.

It’s a pretty surprising trend, and we’ve been watching Pinterest drive traffic for retailers,and have pointed out how important it is for brands.  Finally, we’ve looked at the user experience, which is a lot of fun.

With this level of growth, who knows what Pinterest will do next?  Release an application layer for Pinterest Apps?  Start a premium service a la LinkedIn?  With so many other maturing social networks to follow, what’s the plan?  Is it a revenue first model, or the build a bigger pie and take a slice later process?

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