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NFL’S PR black eye

America’s most prestigious sports product, the National Football League (NFL) is under major scrutiny from its own players, coaches and fans. High-paid professional football players competing week to week within the trenches and their coaches implementing game strategy that Navy admirals would envy.

But what’s missing here? The excitement of hometown craze fans. Check ✓ Cheerleaders rocking the crowd.  Check ✓ Overpriced beverages and food. Check ✓

Oh ya…top quality referees to officiate the rulings and penalties during the game, and not become part of the final outcome. Unfortunately most contract negotiations have disagreements from both parties what’s fair or not, but how long can the Vatican (NFL) of U.S. sports continue with this lackluster officiating.

Then enters NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his approach of dealing with the backlash of his subpar replacement referees by handing out penalty fines to coaches who dared criticize the NFL Empire. Roger has a reputation of ruling with an iron fist and he is usually judge and jury with no final say.

In this case, game after game his replacement referees cannot keep up with the high quality standard and game speed of the NFL. This has served a massive PR black eye to the NFL. Fans pay a hefty price for game tickets, beverages and food, merchandise, etc. They deserve the highest quality on the football field, which includes NFL referees to prevent the game from becoming a mockery.

This past weekend was one of the worst Sundays in NFL history. From a game winning field goal by Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Kicker that made New England Patriots coach’ Bill Belichick go rabid on a referee after the game. Then the final straw for NFL fans was on Monday night between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers when a controversial game ending interception was ruled as a touchdown catch for Seattle’s Golden Tate. An eruption of displeasure was felt through the world of Twitter that would have overshadowed Seattle’s Qwest Field 12-man fans that have been known to cause small earthquakes on a seismometer scale.

Like most fans, I screamed please bring the regular referees back! But does that repair NFL’s current PR Black eye?

Not quite…the true public relations efforts is mending the NFL’s image that has been inflicted by severe criticism by its players and fans the last couple of weeks. But just like the players who battle in the trenches every Sunday, Roger Goodell and the owners need to dive in with them to repair NFL’s PR Black eye.

As of 2:08 p.m. Eastern - Sources: Ref lockout could end soon.

We could only hope…


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