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Navy Admiral touches on the importance of social media

Social Media Navy

I found this speech of great interest because of our armed forces reputation of keeping most information behind closed doors.

Recently Admiral Gary Roughead, U.S Chief of Naval Operations (the CEO of the U.S. Navy), delivered remarks at the Institute for Public Relations Strategic Communications Summit in Arlington, Virginia.

Throughout his speech, Admiral Gary Roughead, had strong social media connections between the armed forces and everyday business organizations.

To me, this part of his speech rang the loudest about the importance of social media in our society.  There is a sharp comparison between our armed forces and our top corporations.

As professional communicators, you know better than anyone how dramatically the accelerating changes in media and information have changed the way we communicate, not only as organizations but as individuals.

Certainly there are going to be more changes that are coming; I believe we are just scratching the surface right now. These changes on the horizon will be, as they have been, as much cultural as they are technological.

Whether your organization is as broad in scope as our Navy, or if you’re a young startup trying to break into a market, these changes have had profound implications in how we communicate with our stakeholders.

But these changes in the media environment don’t just affect an organization’s communication professionals, they have implications for every member of the organization, and leaders in particular.

Full speech by Admiral Gary Roughead, U.S Chief of Naval Operations (the CEO of the U.S. Navy).

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