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Live Online Election results

Tired of the repetitive political ads? Tired of the honk your horn if you are voting for this candidate? Most of us are, but majority of us will be glued to our TV, computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc. to find out how are favored candidate is doing in the voting polls.

If you prefer your elections results online, here is a plethora of ways to attain your voting fix by ReadWrite. WARNING – You may suffer from elections’ overload after tonight.

If you are on Twitter, we highly suggest to follow highly regarded Political Consultant Craig Agranoff @Lapp for his insightful and entertaining commentary surrounding tonight’s U.S. election results. He is also the Author of Socially Elected: How to Win Elections using Social Media.

How To Watch Tonight’s Election Results Online – ReadWrite

by John Paul Titlow

How To Watch Tonight's Election Results Online


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