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Is everything Newsworthy?

Public relations strategy for news.

As a business owner, your company’s products or services are the most important assets you have. You cherish them like your own child and believe everyone should do the same.

Unfortunately news reporters don’t feel the same, as they are seeking the newest and trendiest topics for their bosses, aka editors. Who can blame them?


It doesn’t mean all is lost, but public relations strategy is needed to target the appropriate reporters most interested in your products or services. Beyond traditional news outlets there are niche media outlets always seeking specific story topics to write about.

Of course it doesn’t come easy to find them, but with detailed research you will be able to identify publications, TV and Radio shows, etc. who cater to your audience aka prospective customers and most importantly reporters who are interested in spotlighting your products or unique services.

As you see….there is News, but just takes a little time and work to find the perfect match for your company.


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