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How to start on Twitter…

I don’t understand Twitter. I’m not sure what Twitter is about. Twitter is another social media waste of time. 

These are the usual comments I hear from people who never experimented or explored Twitter. How do you know if you never tried it for a constant period of time? Twitter or any other social media platform might not be for you, but first make the leap into it and shake it around. Who knows…you might like it and it might benefit your business or personal life.

Some simple tips on how to start on Twitter:

  • Hello…hit the register the button to create a Twitter account. It’s FREE!
  • Follow people or news outlets that you find of interest. You will quickly learn how Twitter works and identify the style that fits your persona. There are times you will learn about breaking news quicker on Twitter than the actual TV networks.
  • What does RT mean? #Hashtag? Here is your Twitter glossary to most terms. Make sure to add the link to your favorites.
  • Last…Explore, Research and Learn on Twitter, and ask questions from your Twitter friends when you don’t understand something. You will be surprised how helpful people can be on Twitter.
  • Want to keep up to date with the latest news surrounding Twitter? Some helpful sites: Twitter Blog; All Twitter; Mashable, Social Media Today, etc.

Twitter is an open educational tool that has users throughout the globe. Why not tap into this worldwide network for your personal or business use?


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