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GEEK Alert!: iPhone 5 announcement today

Calling all Apple geeks…the time has come! Today Apple will make its announcement for the new iPhone 5.

Working?…lunch?….meeting?…here are many ways to follow the Apple announcement live for the iPhone 5.



Special thanks to The Huffington Post for putting together this solid list of digital viewing options!

Apple iPhone 5 Event LIVE: How To Follow Apple’s Announcement As It Happens

During Apple’s big event in San Francisco, which kicks off September 12 at 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT), we’re expecting to see a new iPhone unveiled, as well as a bevy of other products (iPods? iPads?? iCars???).

So how can the overly enthusiastic fanboy following the up-to-the-millisecond coverage of the big presentation? Beside constantly refreshing this website of course, here are the best ways to follow the coverage online.

For The Best Video…

These will be hard to come by, since Apple won’t be posting a livestream of the event and is vigilant about taking down illegal USTREAM feeds from inside the event, though sneaky attendees have been known to get away with posting a secret live stream or two. (Check back for updates on that front.)

For the more patient, Apple will post the keynote on its website for your viewing pleasure after the event is over.

For The Best Pics…

Engadget, sister blog of the Huffington Post (both owned by Aol), has historically been quick to post high-res photos from inside Apple press events. Keep tabs on it to get a first look at the new gadgetry.

For The Best Liveblogging…

In addition to Engadget’s live blog, you have the following:

Of course, you can also follow HuffPost Tech’s coverage of the event right here or on Twitter (@HuffPost Tech). Before Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage, take a look at our roundup of everything we expect to see announced, as well as a few things we wish Apple would announce (but are pretty sure it won’t).


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