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Fantasy Football and Niche Marketing?

Throughout my Blog, you will see me mention “niche marketing.”  That’s one of the most exciting things about Internet marketing. Whatever product you sell, services you offer, there is an opportunity to meet a particular consumer’s needs.  Everyone can become a small business owner, but it’s a matter of finding your niche for true success.

You are probably wondering why I am mentioning Fantasy Football this week? Yesterday was my annual Fantasy Football draft with my wife and her family including friends.  I did pretty well as the second pick of the draft.  My early rounds featured: Arian Foster (Running Back), Darren McFadden (Running Back), Phillip Rivers (Quarterback), Santonio Holmes (Wide Receiver), Mike Williams (Wide Receiver) and Jimmy Graham (Tight End).  Call me Fantasy Football GURU…NOT!


I am sure you are still wondering why we are discussing Fantasy Football? Because there are businesses who are meeting the needs of Fantasy Football diehards like me.

The founder of ”Spencer Nose Fantasy”: created a site to cater to all fantasy football loyalists that are always seeking an edge on how they should draft and also set up their weekly team lineups with valuable insider tips including other informational fantasy nuggets.

That’s the beauty of the World Wide Web…through Internet marketing there are millions of opportunities to meet the demands of consumers who have particular needs.  It’s up to you to find this niche market and offer a product or service that satisfies the target customer’s needs.  In this case, Spencer found his niche in Fantasy Football and is fulfilling the demands of hardcore football fans by delivering high quality fantasy information.


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