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Facebook venturing into Mobile Ads

You have to credit Facebook, as they continue to push the envelope beyond their social media comforts. Facebook advertising has continued to evolve from its target reach to comprehensive reporting of demographics.  I am looking forward to seeing how they tap in the mobile advertising market and how it benefits small businesses  in the long run.

Facebook Could Launch Mobile Ads in March [REPORT] - Mashable Business:

Facebook may begin experimenting with mobile advertising in March, with a launch right before the company’s planned IPO, according to a report.

The social networking giant is considering rolling out a version of Sponsored Stories that would appear in users’ mobile news feeds, reports Bloomberg, which cites “two people with knowledge of the matter.”

Though Facebook’s mobile effort comes years after Google and Apple, among others, set their sights on the space, “Facebook’s potential advantage is that by gathering so much information about a person’s interests and associates, it can help advertisers target potential customers more directly than mobile web browsers or applications,” according to the report. Despite that, even the March rollout may not happen, according to one of the sources for the article.

Facebook reps could not be reached for comment.

With a few misfires under its belt in 2011, including Deals and Places, Facebook is taking its time with a mobile ad introduction. Though mobile advertising is nowhere near as big a business as traditional online advertising, it represents a tremendous growth opportunity that Google and Apple have already been able to exploit.

Google currently controls about 24% of the $630 million in 2011 U.S. mobile display advertising revenues, according to IDC. Apple’s share is 15%.

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