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Exploring Pinterest…and now what?

You have been exploring through the new social media star on the block, “Pinterest” and have progressed passed your training wheels. So, now what? Here are some great tips by Mashable to continue your Pinterest advancement. Pin away!


Pinterest has been one of the hottest new social networks on the radar for a few months now. In fact, Pinterest has cracked the current list of top 10 social networks — and it’s technically still invite-only.

For many users, Pinterest serves as a comprehensive wish list of sorts. Users (a.k.a. Pinners) post Pins to Boards that they organize by topic or theme. For instance, a user who is planning to remodel a house may Pin interior decorating ideas to a Design Board. Or a bride-to-be can post wedding dress inspirations to a Wedding Board. With 32 different topic areas, users can browse everything from fitness to art to science.


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Like many new startups that experience an unprecedented spike in popularity, Pinterest has yet to streamline some of its features. The search tool, for example, needs a serious makeover. When the server isn’t overloaded entirely, a simple search often takes a while to load. Plus, we’d like to be able to create private boards and, ultimately, to filter categories for better Pin discovery.

Still, the service is fresh, relevant and entirely different from any social network we’ve encountered thus far. If you’re still getting used to the network like many of us, take a few minutes to review our tips and tricks for Pinterest. And let us know how you use Pinterest, and where you see it going in the future.


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