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Public Relations, Social Media & Digital Marketing News – January 10, 2014

Ian Burrell: As corporate PR plunges into digital and social media, does it still need the traditional press? – The Independent UK Introducing the Best of CES 2014 finalists! – Engadget Recharge While You Recharge: Duracell and Starbucks Plan a Wireless Coup – Marketing Pilgrim The Ne
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Week in Public Relations, Social Media & Digital Marketing News – May 17, 2013

Obama/Captain Kirk Mind-Meld: Media Training the Star Trek Way – PR News Making Sense Of Google’s New Social Stuff: Messaging, Hangouts & Google+ – Read Write Social 6 Questions for a Social Media Skeptic – LinkedIn News Bing Ads Gets New Filter Options, Search Query R
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Is everything Newsworthy?

As a business owner, your company’s products or services are the most important assets you have. You cherish them like your own child and believe everyone should do the same. Unfortunately news reporters don’t feel the same, as they are seeking the newest and trendiest top
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