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“Ask on Google+” feature – Ask your friends based on search results

Every other week you might see a post by me regarding Google+, but that’s for good reason.  They continue to evolve since their launch in 2011 and keep to push the competition envelope versus Facebook.




With “Ask on Google+” feature you can ask your friends about their search result topics, such as restaurants, entertainment, etc. I can really see those going both ways, great for tips from your friends who you can trust or a little intrusive of your privacy. You decide…

Google+ introduces new Q&A feature for crowdsourcing answers from friends – SocialBeat:

Google has taken social interaction with your friends to another level. The search engine giant has introduced a new Google+ feature that allows you to ask friends about your search results.

Google is testing the new “Ask on Google+” feature, which pops up at the bottom of your search results. Click the link to ask your friends any question related to restaurants, movies, how to make friends on Google+, or other topics. Your question will automatically be posted to your Google+ stream for your friends to answer.

“Our goal for search is to help you find the best answers to your questions, and sometimes the best answers come from your friends,” a Google spokesperson said. “To help you find those answers, we’re experimenting with a new link at the bottom of the search results page that invites you to ‘Ask your friends’ for information about the topics you’re searching for.”

For now, the the questions option is only appearing for select, active Google+ users.

The feature is a mixture between Yahoo Answers and the similar, if mostly ignored, Facebook Questions feature. Whether or not this feature will get more interest from diehard Facebook fans, or have more success than Facebook’s similar feature, is yet to be determined.

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