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Hooray! Foursquare Business pages for all


This is welcome news for those who have dealt with the tedious task of requesting Foursquare specials from the company’s development team. There were moments of luck, when your special was approved in days, but at times it took weeks or never receiving a response to why a special was never cleared.

This week’s announcement by Foursquare that Pages were becoming self-serve for users was wonderful news especially for small business owners. It gives brands, organizations or magazines the ability to create their own Page and admin controls to gain followers, share tips, check-in and reach new fans instantly without delay from the Foursquare development team. This is a WIN WIN for Foursquare users and also for the development team by providing them more free time to focus on their daily projects instead of reviewing and approving thousands of daily specials.

From the Foursquare page discussing the perks of page ownership:

  • Reach the whole foursquare community with your Tips and check-ins (and push those check-ins to both Facebook Pages and Twitter).
  • Let entire teams of people manage the same Page. With our new tool, you can make multiple people Page ‘managers,’ so that they can all contribute. It’s perfect for big organizations.
  • From the web or your mobile phone, you can upload photos to your Tips and check-ins. It’s great for making them really shine for all of your followers.
  • And, when your page is complete and you’ve added a few Tips, you’ll be featured in our Page Gallery.

To get started, just head here. It takes just one click to sign-up with your organization’s Twitter account.

I am a true believer of the many marketing benefits through Foursquare and other Geo-location sites such as Gowalla, SCVNGR, Facebook places, etc.  It gives business owners, from dining, travel, retail and other related industries the ability to market to their loyal core audience and also reach new followers with instant deals and tips.

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