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FTW! Attending Entrepreneur’s Winning Strategies conference





Call me a social media geek, but I am jacked up about today’s Entrepreneur’s Winning Strategies conference at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  I first learned about the event a couple of weeks ago and quickly registered when I learned Jason Falls was participating as a guest speaker.  Jason is well respected in the world of social media and it’s a true treat to have him in South Florida sharing his wisdom.

Jason Falls — Social Media Marketing Consultant, Thought Leader and Author
Jason Falls is one of the leading thinkers, strategists and public speakers in the social media marketing, digital marketing and online communications industries. He is the author of the noted industry blog, a fixture at or near the top of the AdvertisingAge Power 150 Marketing Blogs list and is responsible for, a learning community for digital and social media marketing, online communications and technology.

Jason Falls’ speaking agenda at Entrepreneur’s Winning Strategies conference:

Small But Social: How Small Businesses Can Win With Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing isn’t just the latest, greatest fad, it’s a powerful mechanism to cultivate customer relationships that drive business. In this talk, expert Jason Falls will help you understand:

  • The philosophies that drive strong social media marketing efforts
  • How to approach social media marketing strategically
  • What management approaches help make social media marketing feasible for small businesses
  • What tools exist to help drive solid marketing strategies to move the needle for small businesses
  • How to measure and account for the time and money invested in social media marketing

More information about the Winning Strategies conference:


Go further and achieve more. This full-day conference event will show you how with proven tactics to impact virtually every aspect of your business. From start to finish, discover insightful ideas, straightforward solutions and fresh perspectives with over half-a-dozen business strategists and experts leading the way.

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